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Get Your Skin Ready for Fall and Winter - Canton, MA

Monday, October 06, 2014

It’s that time of year again! The kids are back at school, the leaves are changing, the harvest is in, and wherever you turn, there is someone counting down the days until the holidays. My neighbor knows exactly how many days it is until each of the upcoming holidays and tries to tell me every morning.

Her enthusiasm and proactivity has made me think about how we should be caring for our skin leading up to the cooler months.

Whether you need advice on changing your routine to accommodate the drier and colder air or if you want new treatments to look your best for the upcoming parties, reunions, and other events that mark the winter, Dream Spa is your one-stop shop for looking and feeling your best.

Let’s start with a timeline to make things less overwhelming and easy to follow:


Good to do: Switch your lighter moisturizers for something a little heavier but with an added boost of exfoliating glycolic acid. Your skin needs the extra moisture but after a long summer of humidity, you will also want to encourage cell turnover for brighter looking skin.

Better to do: Schedule a consultation and facial with one of Dream Spa Medical’s excelled aestheticians. Now is the time to go over your skin concerns that developed over the summer (forgot sunscreen a few too many times?) and start prepping your skin for fall and winter treatments.

Best: Do all of the above but begin working on pigmentation caused by sun damage or other factors with a series of laser peels or chemical peels. Both types of treatments are very effective and require little downtime post procedure. Ultimate: Really wow your friends and family by having an Ultherapy treatment. This non-surgical alternative to a facelift is a revolutionary way to turn back the clock. Using ultrasound, Ultherapy lifts and tightens your facial tissue to create a younger you. In fact, Ultherapy is the only FDA-approved ultrasound treatment to non-invasively lift the eyebrow, neck and under-chin. Now, FDA-cleared to improve décolletage lines and wrinkles as well. There is absolutely no downtime to this anti-aging procedure. Your facial and neck tissue will gradually tighten and lift over 3 months, with continued improvement over another 3 months, but you won’t have any of the downtime associated with surgery.

Next Month or two:

Good to do: Continue using the home care your Dream Spa Medical aesthetician has customized for you.

Better to do: Schedule a free consultation with your aesthetician for a progress check on how your treatments and homecare are working for your skin. This allows you and your aesthetician to make adjustments as needed.

Best to do: If you haven’t considered addressing any concerns regarding pigment, unwanted hair, or unwanted veins, now is the time to do so. The sun is not as strong and it is the perfect time of year to remove unwanted pigment, hair, or veins.

Ultimate: Make an appointment with one of our nurses for Botox or fillers. Being able to smooth out the frown lines on your forehead and replace volume loss around your cheeks, mouth, and eyes will make you look instantly younger. Imagine how nice it will be to look serene and relaxed during the stressful time after planning or traveling for the holidays!

End of the year:

Good: Schedule a consultation to assess your progress with your aesthetician. Discuss any upcoming travel plans to warmer climates and stock up on sunscreen.

Better: If you are a winter sports athlete, schedule a facial designed to soothe and hydrate the skin—such as the HydraFacial. The weather is changing again. The fall was dry and cold but the darker winter months can wreak havoc on your skin. Check with your aesthetician about any new skin concerns and ask what products can best resolve those issues.

Best: Check in with the nurse who did your Botox. Is it time for a touch-up?

Ultimate: Schedule a Botox Party or Spray Tan party with your friends. It’s been a long winter and you all deserve to relax and have some me time!

Call Dream Spa Medical today to start getting ready for the coming Fall and Winter.

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