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Acne Quiz - Canton, Brookline, Boston, MA

Are you concerned with your acne breakouts? Not sure where to turn?

Complete this short quiz to help us narrow down a way to help you.

Location Preference:*
Canton MA
Brookline MA

How often do you breakout?*
Rarely/once a month
Sometimes/two or three times a month

Where do you breakout?*
All over my face
All over (including my body)

Do you have scars or dark spots on your skin from your breakouts?*

When you breakout, what type of breakouts do you see?*
Small white bumps
Red bumps that may or may not contain pus
Large cysts

How would you describe your skin?*
Normal (very little oil but not dry or flaky)
Combination (oily in some spots but normal in others)
Dry or dehydrated

Have you tried or are you currently using prescription medication for your acne?*
Yes—it works great.
Yes—I am not happy with the results

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