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Summer Skin Saver - Canton, Brookline, MA

Darren Kincaid - Tuesday, May 12, 2015

By local mom and medical aesthetician at Dream Spa Medical Brookline: Slone Mathieu

For years I lived in denial regarding the powers of the Clarisonic. Why should I endorse the very thing that I feared would put me out of a job? And exactly how many vibrating, pulsating, stimulating, devices does one woman need? Then, I started using it...

At first, I just wanted to prove that the Clarisonic could not possibly cleanse the skin 6x's better than me, a Licensed Medical Aesthetician. In fact, I still insist that this is an important and necessary skill - to know how to properly clean your face. However, since so many of us fail to take the time needed, I immediately began to recognize the benefits in my personal and professional use.

The Clarisonic gently manipulates the skin and works out congestion, dirt and debris. It puts your cleanser to work for you and even tells you when the work is done. This precise approach improves your treatment and product results. It's like a custom car wash, a visit from the cleaning service, your gardener's green thumb. It's flossing AND brushing.

For some skin types, this is a year-long, daily necessity. But during the warm summer months, when you're protecting, sweating and producing more oils, and then locking it in with hats, sunglasses and sunscreen, the additional cleansing benefits can make all the difference for the rest of us. Beyond that, you can use it to dry-rub gel masks for improved exfoliation, or penetrate gentle acids to treat body acne.

You may still need to see your Dentist, and you should definitely see your Aesthetician, but feel free to let your husband wonder about the soft "hummmmmm" coming from behind the bathroom door. Ha! It works on so many levels.

Learn more about Clarisonic, call Dream Spa Medical today!


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