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Fat Loss Focus - Canton, Brookline, MA

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, January 05, 2016

By Slone Mathieu, Dream Spa Medical Spa Director

Hopefully the holidays are filled with family, friends, and festivity. You raise a glass, share a meal, and celebrate with cookies. This is all fine and fun, until the new year comes. The memories are still alive, but the pounds begin to bother you. So you make a resolution to lose the weight...but where do you begin?

Dr. Russo & Staff, partnered with Dream Spa Medical, would like to introduce you to the HCG Diet Program. This program can provide fast, effective results that will take you into the coming year and change your health habits for a lifetime.

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a protein hormone found in our bodies that elevates during pregnancy. In this state, HCG takes reserves from your fat cells to provide for the baby, and prevent the mother from starvation.

Through our diet program, low doses of HCG are injected into the body. This is the most effective way of delivering the hormone, which tricks the body into processing food in a more metabolically efficient way. HCG creates an anabolic state (muscle building) in the body, to counteract the catabolic state (muscle loss), which is the bodies natural reaction during a traditional diet. In this controlled condition you preserve your lean muscle matter, and the dietary loss pulls directly from your fat stores. Traditional diets cause an immediate response on the scale, but with the loss of muscle, it leaves for a hollow cosmetic appearance and a confused metabolism. This is the very reason that dieters so easily regain the weight once their restrictions are lifted.

HCG injections are an adjunct to a low calorie, lean protein regimen. We will customize a nutritional plan based on your body composition and lifestyle habits. We offer menu planning, weekly counseling, health check-ins, training and progress reports to help you achieve your goals. Call Dream Spa Medical to learn more about our HCG Diet Program.

New Years resolutions have never been so easy! Have a happy and healthy one!!


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