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Lipstick and Love - Brookline, Canton, MA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, December 29, 2014

By local mom and medical aesthetician: Slone Mathieu

I've been committed to the same man for 20 years, but I'll happily whore myself out for the latest beauty products.  In this world, I have many loves and even more crushes, and still, I am not satisfied! I'm constantly on the prowl; hunting for a bigger, better, badder, bolder version of.....myself!?!

Now this may not be a shocking revelation for some, but I've worked as a makeup artist for 15 years, and I can assure you that this is not the industry norm. You know what I'm talking about. You walk up to the makeup counter for some big brand at some fancy retail store and the sales associate approaches you. She is helpful and sweet, and she seems to be wearing every single product in the entire cosmetics department. You begin to feel inadequate. Here is a person who has taken the time to touch upon every principle in makeup artistry and all you did was swish some mouthwash and put on some lip balm. At least you went for the "tinted" kind!

Don't get me wrong, I respect the power of makeup - it can give you confidence when needed or drama when desired. I love the fun of it, but please spare me the fiction. I've had my fair share of that!

When I first moved back to Boston I took a transitional job as an Aesthetician at a cosmetic retail shop.  I was cooling my heels and making my move on Dream Spa Medical. I quickly learned that spa services were not the foundation of the business, and so I found myself spending time on the sales floor with the 20-something year old makeup artists. They were light and lovely girls. When we weren't selling and stocking product, we had dance parties and story time and food runs, and in between everything we'd put on makeup!

I was having fun, but basic math would indicate the problem: I was not a 20-something! In fact, I had just turned 40 and my soul was screaming for simplicity. I didn't want more; I wanted less. I had never felt more comfortable or confident in my own skin, so why was I spending hours concealing it?!?

This simple question inspired me to get serious about my career...and my skin care. I started at Dream Spa Medical 2 months later and began applying my wanton enthusiasm to every product, facial and laser treatment I could try. I reevaluated my home care (yes, even I need to check in every once in awhile!), committed to my treatment series, and began investing my time and money in my skin. And before you scoff at that last bit, please remember that I know how much a makeup brush or a good foundation cost!

No matter what age, or price point, you should be living the reality of good, healthy skin. As for the fantasy of makeup, celebrate it and reserve it for an appropriate occasion. As a regular habit you should pick a feature focus and keep the rest simple ladies. I love a finished brow and lots of mascara, but I'll take the SPF and lip balm any long as they're both tinted!


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