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A Simple and Trustworthy Skincare Solution? - Canton, Brookline, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, August 13, 2015

By local mom and medical aesthetician at Dream Spa Medical Brookline: Slone Mathieu

Do you know what MLM is? Are? I may not know the correct verb, but I'm hip enough to recognize that this concept has made a huge impact on my industry. And for one split second I worried about the future of my job. One. Split. Second.

MLM stands for multi level marketing - a tiered sales approach that has become more pervasive with the advent of social media. Pertaining to my industry, one prime example of a multi level marketing effort would be Rodan & Fields. The makers of Proactive (don't even get me started!) have moved on from teenage acne needs, to advanced skin care. Of course, the developers of these products are Doctors, with more professional degrees than me. Myself? Uh Oh...

With that said, there is nothing wrong with these products. The marketing campaign would lead you to believe the ingredients are miracle makers. In reality, they are similar to any over-the-counter line. They can be quite beneficial in treating your dead skin - we all need a little exfoliation now and then. However, medical grade skin care can actually treat the living skin for a much greater effect, and to offer such high quality, result driven products you need to be a licensed professional.

MLM's leave the sale and control of their products in the hands of full-time Moms, part-time Housewives, and "non-professionals". These may be quality people who deserve a spot at the top of the pyramid, but the company’s objective is to get you to buy the product. Then, "maybe, if you're interested, just to cover the cost of your home care needs, just to make a few extra bucks", get you to start selling the product.

I'm not begrudging anyone their supplemental source of income, or their personal interests, or their need to be social and satisfied....I see the appeal. I gave up my career to stay at home, but as a proud and highly trained skin care professional, I think this is a bit presumptuous. I certainly wouldn't start an accounting firm just because I can balance my checkbook. To the penny.

I am not a certified accountant, just as the MLM teams are not licensed in skin care, but for a small fee and an endless sales pitch, they are happy to sign you on to a contract and let you learn this lesson the hard way. $$Ka-Ching!$$

It's more than enough to trust the pros to gamble with your money....are you willing to gamble with your face?


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